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Metallic Processing Machinery -

  • 图片 : Metal Stamping
    描述 : DAEPAC INDUSTRIES SDN BHD   Daepac Industries Sdn Bhd offers significant metal stamping services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our goal is to offer ...
  • 图片 : Tools And Dies
    描述 : DAEPAC INDUSTRIES SDN BHD At Daepac, tool and die making is more than machining. Working in conjunction with engineering and production, "Class A" toolmakers overse...
  • 图片 : CNC  Machining
    名称 : CNC Machining
    描述 : DAEPAC INDUSTRIES SDN BHD We provide CNC machining and turning from pre-qualified, that can  save you money! Sophisticated multi-axis machines are available fo...
  • 图片 : OEM Products
    名称 : OEM Products
    描述 : DAEPAC INDUSTRIES SDN BHD   Typical of the wide variety of stamped household products and tableware products available are these samples of cake cup, tart cup, jel...
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