Persatuan Pengusaha Kecil Dan Sederhana Johor Selatan (SME Association of South Johor) was established in March 2002. It is a trade organization with a prime objective of promoting the interests of the small and medium scale enterprises in South Johor.

Our Objectives


Promote the growth of SMEs to become one of the driving force for the development of country economics


Act as intermediary body to facilitate the interaction between SMEs and government, the multinational companies and foreign companies in Johor Selatan & Malaysia


Convey the technical assistance and economic plan by government and financial institutions to SMEs


Assist SMEs to improve their business operation and equipment and promote the spirit of professional management culture.


Assist in the marketing of SMEs product at domestic and international level as well as opening of new market.

Our Journey




events & seminars



Our Mission

To instill and eventually ingrain deeply the concept of ‘learning organization’ as a culture of SMEs to be export – orientated.

Our Vision

As a guide to pool resources and expertise and to cooperate with government agencies, educational institutions and industry associations from both local and abroad.

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Persatuan Pengusaha Kecil Dan Sederhana Johor Selantan (SME Association of South Johor) was established in March 2002.

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